The German company Liebherr has been serving for more than 70 years with its various products. The company offers sophisticated products and services. It is unrivalled in the field of mobile and crawler cranes produced based on excellent technique, high-quality standard, customer satisfaction. Liebherr cranes, which have made a justified name in the world, are both mobile and crawler.

Liebherr Mobile Cranes

 Mobile cranes range from a 35-ton crane to a heavy load crane with a load capacity of 1,200 tons. Mobile cranes, telescopic body cranes, compact cranes, heavy-duty lattice boom cranes that can move quickly in the field are preferred in the world. With long consoles, enormous load capacities, short setup times, high comfort and safety standards, Liebherr mobile cranes are flexible and economical.

Liebherr Crawler Cranes

The crawler Liebherr cranes impress with their features such as excellent lifting capacities up to 3,000 tons, large lifting heights and stretches. It has a wide application scope with variable boom systems.

Liebherr is also an expert in second-hand cranes. With its decades of experience in the marketing of used equipment and its international service network for mobile and crawler cranes.

You can sell your used Liebherr crane to our company, you can review and order Liebherr products in our company. It is possible to buy and rent.