With its off-road chassis, LTM mobile cranes are ideal for driving and land use on public roads. They are characterized by safety, economy and comfort.

Powerful and long telescopic booms quickly and easily reach large working heights. Flexibility is a top priority when it comes to equipment: functional cage extensions, folding ends, fixed and sleeved cage ends ensure that the right crane is quickly configured for each application.

It is very important to find the right crane for every requirement with about 25 LTM cranes from small two axles to large 9 axles. The cranes are constantly being developed according to the developing technology: VarioBase, VarioBallast, LICCON crane control or telematics, just a few innovations from Ehingen, where the most modern crane production in the world.

There are often congested and difficult to move environments on the construction zone. Generally, not all support legs of the mobile crane can be extended evenly. Liebherr provides safe and flexible crane operations under these difficult conditions. In addition to increased safety and ease of use, mobile cranes, which can now adapt to the environment with the elevator system, provide drivers with operational safety and convenience. The system also increases efficiency thanks to optimized access and payload.

Depending on the size and purpose of the cranes, the technical requirements are different.

Each crane type is designed differently. The aim is in compliance with the needs of the customer.