Tadano Faun is a mobile crane manufacturer, a German subsidiary of the Japanese company Tadano.

All-Terrain cranes have a sophisticated drive concept, which allows the crane to travel economically on the road to the place of use and also ensures relatively good off-road mobility on the construction site. Tadano Faun Cranes are made from high strength, fine-grained steel.

Tadano Faun ATF 130G-5  mobile cranes are very high efficiency. They have a lifting capacity to 130t. The crane is equipped with an 18m boom Extention and is mounted to the 60m main boom. The crane is 60t and has an axle load of 12 t. The boom extension can be used as a 3.8m heavy duty jib and as a 10/18 m jib. It means also cost savings. Tadano ATF 130G-5 cranes are equipped with the unique TADANO lift Adjuster. This adjuster can be activated at the touch of one button. İf there is a critical loading condition, you can easily and quickly load pick-up without load swing. This also reduces accident risk. The crane driver can dedicate all of his attention to the load and he doesn’t need to watch the radius display.

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