Crawler crane is a heavy machine that is usually used in loading areas. Crawler cranes consist of two parts. Moving chassis and the winches itself. This great machine has the power to lif over 140 tons of weight. The crane uses mechanical power to lift such heavyweight.

How to maintain crawler cranes?

Each crane should receive a maintenance.İt is important for occupational health. Firstly, the boom should be checked every day. If something happens to the boom, something may happen dürig working. It is really important. It may even result in death.

What are the measures related to occupational health and safety in mobile cranes?

Crawler cranes are counted as heavy machines. The person who is going to operate the crane should be experienced and educated. If the operator is not an experienced one, some serious problems may happen. There should be also a sign on the crane which shows how much weight is the crane able to carry. This is also important for the operator. If there is no sign on the crane the operator can not know the cranes’ power. This may cause a disaster.

What are the fields that crawler cranes can be used?

They can be used for Demolition, Road construction, Cargo loading, or removal of debris. Each field requires different experience. For example, demolition should be done by an experienced operator. During demolition, the operator should be aware of the crane which he is about to use. If the operator is not familiar with this crane, he may do something wrong that can cause a disaster. Of course, there are some rules about this situation. Each operator should know and obey these rules.

What are the advantages of buying a crane?

  • Easy access to all areas
  • Working with practical technical system
  • Easy to use
  • Carrying any load without labor
  • Providing advantage in terms of work done in terms of time

Which kind of job can be done by a crawler crane?

These magnificent cranes can not be used in any area due to their mobility skills. As they are a crawler one, their mobility is limited. They can not move efficiently. As they are heavy machines they should be placed on a safe land which restrain them from working on any field. They usually used in cargo loading.

  • Machine Handling and Installation Operations
  • Container transport and shipping operations
  • Tree and log removals that can be done using the appropriate Mobile Crane
  • Goods transport and shipping
  • Factory transport, installation procedures
  • Vehicle, boat and yacht lifting operations
  • Steel construction assembly
  • Air conditioning assembly operations

To conclude, crawler cranes are so great heavy machines which take the burden on us. If you are ıntend to buy a crawler cran, you should do lots of research about it. As these heavy machines are expensive, we should be knowledgeable about them. As the economy grows up, our need is increasing to crawler cranes. All the companies around the world have been using these machines over a hundred years.