Crawler Cranes – Strong in action

LR crawler cranes with cage boom extend the world’s heaviest loads safely and economically. Liebherr’s flexible LTR telescopic crawler cranes can be installed in a short time.

Worldwide transportation and logistics are increasingly important in the world, whether it be passenger or freight. Roads, rails, ports and airports are required to move goods and people from one place to another.

In a globalized world, the places you want to reach are usually thousands of kilometers apart, in the mountains, in the marshes, or by the sea.

LR crawler cranes reached every point and closed the gap in this area. Difficult applications such as bridge construction on rivers and roads, expansion of ports and airports, expansion of rail systems, underground transport systems or train stations are possible with LR crawler cranes.

Construction works on railway lines, which require temporary closure of rail traffic, often have one thing in common: high time pressure. After all, the first trains should return in time after the planned closure of the line. Thanks to LR cranes, it is possible to quickly build a steel bridge on the railway lines. The divisible VarioTray ballast system of the used LR crawler crane saves a great deal of time compared to conventional suspended ballasts.